Glass bottle baking varnish production process

The glass bottle baking varnish production process is a high-tech process, which is mainly divided into the following steps:

1. Glass bottle cleaning: First, the glass bottle needs to be cleaned to remove the oil and dust on the surface to ensure the effect after baking.

2. Glass bottle primer: The cleaned glass bottle is primed to enhance the adhesion and toughness of the bottle.

3. Glass bottle enters the oven: The painted glass bottle enters the oven, and a specific temperature and time are set to cure the primer and reach a certain hardness.

4. Glass bottle topcoat: After the primer is cured, the topcoat is applied to make the color and gloss meet the requirements.

5. Glass bottle enters the oven again: The glass bottle after the topcoat is applied enters the oven again to achieve the effect of topcoat curing, hardness enhancement and increased wear resistance.

6. Glass bottle quality inspection: The glass bottle after the above process is quality inspected to check whether it meets the quality standards required by customers.

The above are the main steps of the glass wine bottle baking varnish production process. This process can effectively improve the quality and appearance of the wine bottle and is widely used in various types of wine packaging.