Observe whether the surface of the glass wine bottle is clean and transparent, whether there are bubbles, impurities or even cracks, stains, etc., and try to avoid these situations. The reason for this situation is generally that the glass bottle cannot be cooled gradually during the annealing process, so that the gas in the glass liquid cannot be volatilized and eliminated in a timely and thorough manner.


In order to avoid this kind of work, when the glass wine bottle factory produces glass wine bottles, it should pay attention to slowly lowering the temperature during the manufacturing process of fixing and annealing, and ensuring that the speed is appropriate, not too fast or too fast. If it is too slow, it is strictly forbidden to go fast and slow to avoid cracks.

In addition, the cause of the bubbles is also related to the speed of the gob. Ensuring the speed and time of the gob and the size of the gob can also avoid the generation of bubbles. Glass wine bottles must be careful not to have impurities when melting materials, so as not to produce glass wine bottle products that are not smooth and clean, and at the same time cause turbidity and even make the thickness of the glass wine bottle uneven.