Printing technology of glass bottle appearance

After continuous technical reform, the glass bottle can also be painted, frosted, and roasted to print the patterns and trademarks required by customers. Due to the transparency and smoothness of the glass bottle, after the labeling skills, the glass bottle is easy to slide down, and does not have an outstanding feel. But baking flowers and painting are different. Trademark pictures not only retain the glass bottle body for a long time, but also have a better aesthetic view of the bottle body!



What should Shandong jingbo group co., ltd pay attention to besides quality?

With the development of society and the change of people's consumption concept, there are more and more kinds of glass wine bottles, and the styles of glass bottles in the market are dazzling, and the design is becoming more and more important. In addition to focusing on quality, what other aspects of development should we pay attention to in the production of glass wine bottles? Let's have a look at them with the technical personnel of Shandong Jingbo Group Co., Ltd.



The uniqueness of the fine glass bottle design elements

The glass bottle has a gentlemanly refinement and can be added to the design of the garment zipper, as if it were a lifelike figure, but also can draw on the design of the British badge, very chivalrous. There are also some glass bottles that have a non-mainstream style and the color mix is pleasing.



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