Glass bottles can be seen everywhere in our daily life, their own chemical stability is very good, and in the use of the contents of which there is no pollution, but also high-temperature heating and recycling, has become a recognized *** packaging materials, and many other materials compared to the packaging also occupies a great advantage, many special products must be packaged in glass, everyone for Do you know anything about the packaging of this packaging material, let us take a look at the introduction of the packaging method of glass wine bottles together.
Pallet packaging

Pallet packaging can be used, the base of the pallet is mainly solid wood, and then the glass bottles are neatly placed on the top of the pallet, wait until the row is full and then add the partition, layer by layer after the completion of the stacking construction tools for winding packaging, this packaging method has a lot of advantages, such as it can play a good role of dustproof and waterproof, in many manufacturers export transport is very much used, but this Packaging transport must be used with the help of forklifts.

Carton packaging

Carton packaging is also a packaging method often used, in the carton can be added to the partition, and then each glass bottle can be separated separately, in the process of transportation of glass bottles will not collide and friction, but it also belongs to a very safe packaging method, but for the entire packaging cost is very high, usually suitable for application in the very **** wine bottle use In.

In summary, the glass bottles in the packaging can be used in different ways, different ways of glass bottles suitable for different wineries in the purchase of glass bottles can also be based on specific requirements to choose different packaging methods.