General glass bottle factory main production, auxiliary workshops are: batching workshop, melting workshop (including kiln), broken glass processing workshop, machine repair workshop, raw material storage, packaging materials storage, etc., supporting public works facilities are gas (Coal Gas) station (heavy oil storage, gas regulator station), air pressure station, substation room, water pump  room, sewage treatment Station, weighbridge and living service facilities of the dormitory building, office building, canteen, bathroom and other monolithic composition.
The process is generally as follows: the required matching materials prepared in the batching workshop are transported to the kiln head bin in the melting workshop by the conveying equipment, and then added to the glass kiln by the charging machine, and melted into glass liquid at a high temperature of about 1450℃, and the melted glass liquid is then supplied to the molding equipment (bottle making machine, etc.) by the feeding channel by the feeding machine to make the required products, and then the products are sent to the annealing furnace by the bottle conveying and bottle pushing machine. The products are then sent to the annealing furnace for stress removal, and after the quality inspection, the qualified products are packed and stored in the factory.