Glass bottles can be seen everywhere in our daily life, it is chemically stable, but the use of the contents without any pollution, and in high temperature heating and recycling, has become recognized as the best packaging material, and many other materials packaging compared to a great advantage, many special products must be packaged by glass packaging, packaging materials, packaging, this we understand, let us look at the packaging glass bottles Commonly used methods are introduced.

  Pallet packaging

  You can use pallet packaging pallet base, mainly used for wood, and then glass bottles neatly placed on the pallet until all plus partition, on the stacked around the kit construction is completed, the advantages of this package is very much, for example, it can play a very good dust and waterproof effect, used in many manufacturers export transport very much, but the transport packaging must be with the help of forklift.

  Carton packaging

  Packaging carton is often used a carton, can add a partition, then each glass wine bottle can be separated, in the glass bottle transportation process will not occur collision and friction, but also belong to a very safe packaging method, but the packaging is very high all-in cost, usually applied to the bottle in the use of very high-grade applications.

  In summary, glass bottles can be used in different ways in packaging for different glass bottles, wineries can also choose glass bottles according to the specific requirements of different packaging methods.

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