Is the capacity of the glass bottle proportional to the weight?


In the whole process of manufacturing glass bottles, there are usually a variety of defects (defective products), such as volume and weight of the bottle. Generally speaking, the volume and net weight of glass bottles account for a certain proportion. If the proportion exceeds all the normal proportion, there will be difficulties in manufacturing and defects of commodities. Today's information will be briefly introduced in detail, expecting to make a big Guys can help.


As for a product with a volume of 100ml, the weight of 150g of all normal bottles belongs to all normal. Many suppliers want to keep the same volume of the thin and thick expansion bottle at the bottom of the glass bottle. The net weight of the glass bottle requires that the order information of 200g glass bottle is not much. Usually, this situation will cause confusion to the glass bottle manufacturer, but some conditions are not allowed For example, in the manufacturing process, it is very easy to see the defective products, 1: stick bottle, that is to say, the connection of two glass bottles leads to the uneven bottle body, because the wall thickness leads to the untimely refrigeration, 2: the bottle bottom collapses, and the poor refrigeration at the bottom of the glass bottle leads to the deformation of the bottle bottom. The solution of the left and right defective products is to reduce the machine speed, which immediately harms the total number of manufacturing.
The glass bottle factory proposes to adjust the machine speed to the best possible condition when manufacturing such unique goods. If the purchase volume is large, the whole generator set can be manufactured as much as possible, which is beneficial for the old master of bottle making to adjust the equipment and thus has great benefits for the quality of the goods and the total output can also be improved


Development trend of glass bottle in China


Glass bottle is a unique packaging material, but with the advent of plastic bottle, it is gradually occupied by the market share of plastic bottle. With the continuous questioning of plastic bottle packaging, glass bottle packaging has just begun to return to our vision.


According to statistics, glass bottle packaging is the most popular packaging at this stage. 94% of the customers love glass bottle red wine, and 23% of the customers also prefer non-alcoholic drinks in glass bottles.


At this stage, most of Chinese drinks are packed with transparent PE materials. Many customers have no choice but to express their helplessness against this situation, which is not their own manufacturing after all.


However, in the exclusive store of imported commodities, the packaging bottles of drinks are quite different from those in China. The imported drinks are dominated by glass bottles, followed by aluminum bottles and finally plastic bottles. It can be seen that the overseas high attention to packaging and food safety is far more than that of China.