Screen printing is short for "screen printing". Screen printing is a silk fabric, synthetic fibre fabrics or metal wire mesh taut on the frame, the use of hand-engraved varnish film or photochemical platemaking method to produce screen printing plate. Modern screen printing technology, is the use of light-sensitive materials through the photographic plate method to produce screen printing plate (so that the screen printing plate on the graphic part of the screen holes for the through-hole, and non-graphic part of the screen holes are blocked).

Glass screen printing, is the use of screen printing plate, the use of vitreous enamel, decorative printing on glass products. Vitreous enamel, also known as glass ink, glass printing material, it is by the colouring material, linking material mixed and stirred into a paste printing material.

Because of the ink, the printed effect has a distinctive concave-convex feel. Screen printing of the rules of the bottle (cylindrical) can be printed once completed, the other irregular piece of a one-time cost, the colour is also a one-time cost, and divided into two kinds of self-drying ink and UV ink, self-drying ink is easy to fall off for a long time, can be used to wipe off the alcohol, UV ink to touch the obvious sense of concavity and convexity is very difficult to wipe off!