Glass bottle after processing technology - spraying process


Spraying: spraying a layer of uniform water-based paint coating on the product surface with an air gun, the sprayed product is cured after leveling, preheating and drying the coating, which plays a decorative and protective role for the glass bottles; the various spraying effects of the spraying make the appearance of the product enhanced;


Attach a layer of organic coating on the surface of glass bottles (glass coating added to the specified color, additives, etc.), so as to achieve the requirements of rich colors on the glass packaging bottles, and can achieve a variety of effects such as high-gloss, matte, pearlescent, transparent, gradient and other effects of the product.


Spraying process flow:
Bottle loading → bottle wiping → flame treatment → electrostatic dust removal → spraying → preheating → curing → cooling → bottle discharging → packaging