Methods for Producing Glass Containers:

Blown Glass is also known as molded glass. In creating blown glass, gobs of heated glass from the furnace are directed to a molding machine and into the cavities where air is forced in to produce the neck and general container shape. Once they are shaped, they are then known as a Parison. There are two distinct forming processes to create the final container:

  • Blow & Blow Process - used for narrow containers where the parison is formed by compressed air
  • Press & Blow Process- used for large diameter finish containers in which the parison is shaped by pressing the glass against the blank mold with the metal plunger

Tubing Glass is formed by a continuous draw process using either the Danner or Vello processes to achieve the correct diameter and thickness. The glass is drawn over a line of support rollers by a drawing machine.

  • Danner Process - glass flows from a furnace forehearth in the form of a ribbon
  • Vello Process - glass flows from a furnace forehearth into a bowl which is then shaped