The production process of glass wine bottle is as follows: First, the raw materials are pre-processed. First of all, raw materials such as feldspar, soda ash, limestone, quartz sand and other materials are crushed, so that the wet materials become dry, and the raw materials containing iron are treated with iron removal, so that the quality of glass bottles will be better. The second is the preparation of batch. The third step is melting. When the glass batch is heated at high temperature in the tank or kiln, the temperature is about 15 degrees, so that it can form a more uniform state without any bubbles, and can meet the requirements of glass bottle forming liquid glass state. The fourth is the stage of glass forming. The liquid glass is put into the mould to make glass wine bottles of the desired shape for customers, which can be made into various forms of utensils, etc. Finally, the state of heat treatment. By means of quenching and annealing, the stress, crystallization or phase separation in the glass bottle can be eliminated, which can change the structure of glass and make our glass bottle products more perfect.