Making technology and storage method of high grade handmade wine bottle. As the summer of 2014 approached, the sales of white wine bottles gradually declined, and even there was a trend of decline. Instead, it was high-end handmade wine bottles that remained strong in liquor sales. Instead of reducing production and sales, it has been sold out. In the past, this was rarely the case. So, what is the manufacturing process and storage method of high-grade handmade wine bottles? Below, Zhou crystal glass to give you a detailed explanation.
1. The production process of high-end handmade wine bottles. High-grade handmade wine bottles are all hand-made molds. The opposite of it is the machine bottle. It does not use a row machine for production, but uses manual production processing. The biggest thing about handmade bottles is their quality. Pure handmade, high transparency, will not appear any flaws, nor will there be deformation, wrinkles, cracks and other issues. The production process of hand-made wine bottles is divided into: hand-designed molds, hand-processed, hand-produced, hand-baked flowers, hand-painted, hand-stored, etc.. In any of these processes, there is no room for error.
2. The storage method of high-end handmade wine bottles. How to produce high-grade handmade wine bottles for storage, storage? Because the volume of bottles produced is very large, sometimes there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions of high-end handmade bottles. Then it is necessary to consider a variety of factors. For example, storage location, storage room size, storage room security and so on. In general, we all use open storage with a relatively wide venue, but we need to increase protective facilities such as fences to avoid being damaged by the outside world.
The above is the production process and storage method of high-grade handmade wine bottles. The crystal glass of Zhangzhou made a simple explanation and induction. Hope it helps.