The glass bottle has a gentlemanly refinement and can be added to the design of the garment zipper, as if it were a lifelike figure, but also can draw on the design of the British badge, very chivalrous. There are also some glass bottles that have a non-mainstream style and the color mix is pleasing.
Some people prefer to use elegant blue as the main color, fashion silver as a bottle seal, what can be more romantic? The design of the flower is reminiscent of the work of a fashion master. It is so beautiful that people can not sleep. It is a casual design. Is such a bottle of wine "cute"?
In fact, the main tone of the green bottle body design, the breath of flowers and flowers accompany the fragrance of wine, such a wine who will have the heart to drink it?
Peach red represents romance and passion, and the lightbulb design is irresistible.
Using black and white classic color as the main color, pure black bottle body, white text design, with the help of the color change of the bottle cap, has a strong visual impact, has the characteristics of memorable.
It is also a black and white classic design. The texture of the bottle body is a design highlight, simple and generous.
Some glass bottles use comic design, which represents a new and aggressive and modern fashion is widely accepted by young consumers in various countries.
Silver bottles are rare, stylish and elegant. The ultimate simplicity represents an attitude that is transcendental.
Pink bottles, exaggerated overpacks and a rose-like romantic goblet, I think any MM can not resist this charm.
The design of so many glass bottles makes it difficult for our eyes to leave this object, as if it was the most beautiful crystal crystal, let people point to watch. Not just a bottle of wine, but a work of art.