Glass bottle packaging details


All our bottles are carefully inspected, first by the glass manufacturer and then by our staff, before being shipped to you. Bottles are packed by trained and qualified personnel who must follow detailed procedures based on customer standards. The bulk bottles are perfectly arranged on pallets to prevent any damage to the pallets during transport and unloading. The bottles to be packed are placed between the separators in their respective boxes. In both cases, everything is carefully packaged in high-strength plastic film. They are packed in an extremely secure manner to protect the bottles from the surrounding environment during transport and storage and to prevent the bottles from moving.


Glass wine bottles are fragile items that require particular attention during transportation as well as storage. Nowadays, with the development of China's economy, long-distance transportation has become the norm. It is inevitable that glass wine bottles break during transportation, so what can we do to minimize the damage? Doing a good job of transporting and storing glass wine bottles is a major focus to ensure the development of the product industry!


In the transportation process, especially in the long-distance transportation process, do a good job of wine bottle product packaging protection is the first point. In the transport packaging process, to choose a thick cardboard box or wooden box to hold, in the bottle around the use of foam or old newspaper for packaging and barrier, in the high level of accumulation, need to be in the layer and layer between the Jia separated some hard, solid role of the plate type. Finally, the railing, rope can not be missing. Avoid shaking or collision of wine bottles in the transportation process to cause injury or even breakage.