Glass bottle deep processing: spraying process flow

       1、Pre-treatment section. Glass bottle spraying pretreatment section includes pre-off, main off, table conditioning, etc. If it is in the north, the main off part of the temperature can not be too low, the need for insulation. Otherwise, the treatment effect is not ideal;
  2, preheating section. Pre-treatment will enter the preheating section, generally need 8-10 minutes, the glass bottle is best when it reaches the powder spraying room to make the sprayed workpiece has a certain amount of residual heat, in order to change the adhesion of increased powder foam;;
  3, glass bottle blowing ash purification section. If the process requirements of the sprayed workpiece is relatively high, this section is essential, otherwise, if the workpiece is adsorbed with a lot of dust, the surface of the workpiece after processing will have a lot of granularity, so that the quality is reduced;
  4、Powder spraying section. This section is the most critical is the technical problems of the spraying master, in order to create excellent quality, spend money to hire a skilled master or very cost-effective;;
  5, drying section. This section is to pay attention to the temperature and baking time, the powder is generally 180 - 200 degrees is better, depending on the specific workpiece material. And drying oven from the powder room should not be too far away, generally 6 meters for good.