The crystal glass used in the crystal glass bottle is evolved from the crystal glass in the glassware and art glass, but it is not allowed to contain lead when used as a wine bottle for food. According to foreign information, the meaning of crystal glass is leaded glass, and the content of iron oxide is less than 0.03% to achieve crystal-like clarity. Therefore, wine bottles made of lead-free crystal material are named crystal glass bottles, which are used to make medium and high-grade wine bottles. According to its low total iron content, high refractive index and high light transmission ratio, the definition of the total iron content (in terms of iron trioxide), light transmission ratio of the two indicators are more clearly defined, because the refractive index can not be directly detected from the bottle, so the definition of the refractive index is not numerically quantified. Through a number of production companies to understand the process formula, a large number of experimental data verification, and access to a large amount of information, consult the industry glass experts, and finally determine the crystal material glass wine bottles containing no more than 0.040% of the total iron, light transmission ratio of not less than 91.0%. The testing methods used were all valid national standards. Production of light transmittance ratio samples It can be taken from the glass material or from the wine bottle, the effect is the same. Currently on the market for this crystal material glass bottle there are many different names called, such as fine white material bottles, crystal white material bottles, etc., can be tested by these two indicators to distinguish whether it is crystal material or high white material. These two indicators are placed in the definition, mainly from the quantitative distinction between different materials of the bottle, but also taking into account the cost and difficulty of these two tests, not into the product index requirements, the user can be assessed according to the actual situation.