Spray Paint

Applies the desired color to the bottle. Painted effects include matte, glossy, opaque, translucent, etc. We provide a unique look and special surface feel to your glass packaging.



Frosting refers to soaking glass in a prepared acid solution (or coating with acid paste) and etching the glass surface with strong acid. The ammonia fluoride in the strong acid solution causes crystals to form on the surface of the glass, and the surface of the glass product thus treated forms a surface texture that provides a smooth touch to the hand and shows the appearance of a scale-like pattern formed on the surface of the glass product.



Electroplating coloring is a deep processing of clear glass bottles after they are made. According to food grade regulations, electroplating coloring is generally applied to the surface of the bottle except for the cap and the inside and outside of the bottle. We can electroplate the color on the whole surface of the bottle, a part of the bottle surface, and the Logo protruding from the bottle surface.