The wine bottle screen printing process uses a fully automatic curved screen printing machine to print, which can print any pattern and any color. Due to the physical characteristics of the wine bottle screen printing machine, the printed ink will be thicker, so the surface of the graphic will have a more obvious bumpy feel. Wine bottle screen printing machine screen printing process is now fully automated, no need for human intervention.
Another process of wine bottle graphics is baking flowers, many people may be unfamiliar with baking fire, in fact, baking fire is somewhat similar to our childhood play so transparent stickers, stick on the table, scrape and then tear off, the graphics can be left on the table. Wine bottle baking can also be understood in this way, wine bottle baking is to paste the graphic stickers, and then baked by the heating belt, high temperature belt, cooling belt, you can make glass products with beautiful color patterns.

Wine bottle screen printing machine printing process is more textured, three-dimensional sense, but the color is not as bright as baked flowers. Wine bottles generally do not have so rich and colorful graphics, so screen printing has been able to meet most of the wine bottle printing.