Precautions for transporting glass bottles

A. Avoid touching the glass surface
In the glass bottle factory on the delivery of glass bottles, be careful not to touch the glass surface, which will make the glass break, so in the way of delivery, we use some soft things wrapped around the glass bottle, such as plastic foam, newspaper, etc., once the glass cracks, then the glass bottle will be scrapped.


Second, the selection of transport routes
In the process of transporting glass bottles, in order to avoid the glass bottles in the car collision rupture or car shaking so that the glass bottles touch the car, so you should choose a relatively smooth road surface and the speed of the car in the delivery process to maintain a smooth, not all at once to accelerate and decelerate, will also lead to glass breakage, which can be a good protection to the glass bottles.


Third, the placement of a smooth location
In the delivery of glass bottles, it will be placed in a stable position, it can be loaded with one space box, so that the glass bottles in transit will not shake randomly, can be kept in a space to avoid touching other glass bottles.

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