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As a professional glass bottle manufacture, Shandong Jingbo Group is one of the leading manufacturers of glass bottles in north China.  With over 11 years history, our factory got 80,000 m2 area, 1,400 workers which includes over 130 engineers.Our registered capital is $58 million.


For glass bottle manufacture, we got 4 workshops in running.  2 workshops have automatic lines with daily output at 200,000pcs. Another 2 workshops have manual lines for some shaped glass bottles with daily output at 120,000pcs.  Equipments includes: 8S fully automatic line,  6S semi – automatic lines and also I.S.


We have lines for glass lid/closures,  so do decorations like decal,  silk printing,  frosting,  painting, electroplating, hot stamping and etc.


OEM and ODM both welcome.  Our team is  ready to help  you on new drawings as  per your details


Our plants certified with ISO 9001: 2015, so do approved tests by SGS.


At early stage, we mainly supplied to domestic market and trading companies. We got high evaluation from all our clients, also experiences of different destination markets. Now we are aiming at direct sales to overseas.


We have new team for international trade, looking forward to sales to overseas directly.


We are looking forward to co operations with clients not only on sales only, but also further business together.


We have high quality products, and strong capability in new things development, branded reputations, open mind for the future.


We are confident at our development.


Looking forward to your inquiries.

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